About Stillwell Ford

About Stillwell Ford About Stillwell Ford

About Stillwell Ford

Stillwell Ford has served the people of Adelaide and beyond since 1971. We pride ourselves on our continued professionalism and commitment to delivering an optimum service or purchase experience for our valued guests.

We proudly offer an integrated and seamless customer service approach across all facets of the dealership – from new and used vehicle sales to servicing, parts and accessories, and finance and insurance.

The beginning of 2018 hails an exciting period of change for our dealership. This March we welcomed our new Dealer Principal, Mark Ross, who is tailoring our approach to delivering a consistent, high quality experience for all Stillwell Ford guests.   

Dealer Principal

Over the past 25 years Mark has built his career from Sales to Senior Management. For the past 17 years as a Dealer Principal, Mark has always focused his business on values and guest services. Mark’s focus is to ensure that his guests receive the optimum service they deserve. Our business is run as if it’s a family orientated environment which allows the staff to perform at their peak, whilst providing the guest with the ultimate experience.

Service Manager

Paul Richardson has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years. Starting as an apprentice technician, Paul has leveraged his managerial skills from workshop foreman, to second-in-command, to Service Manager. Paul’s ability to resolve any and all servicing issues with tailored advice and technical efficiency has made him an integral part of our service team for the last 3 years.

New Vehicle Sales Manager

Antony Gard has been with Stillwell Ford for over 5 years. Starting in Sales, he has quickly climbed the Management ranks due to his exceptional product knowledge and commitment to creating holistically positive experiences for his guests. Antony is an integral and invaluable member of the Stillwell Ford Management group, and his team benefit greatly from his positive demeanour and dedication to the industry.   

Used Vehicle Sales Manager

Daniel Davis has worked in the automotive industry for over 18 years. Originally starting his career with the Adtrans group in Adelaide, Daniel moved to Australia’s Eastern States for a ten year period during which he managed two dealerships. Coming full circle, we welcome Daniel back to the Adtrans family in our Used Vehicle department. We are privileged to have him as a Manager, a position to which he brings a dedicated and determined work ethic, innovative mindset and unwavering commitment to guest experience.

Customer Relations Manager - Service

Deborah Mitchell has been with Stillwell Ford for over 19 years. Deborah is passionate about delivering quality, guest experiences and committed to assisting our guests with all aspects of customer service and ensuring they have a positive experience. Deborah is very approachable and welcomes all feedback from our guests to be used as we continually review and improve our services. 

About The Adtrans Automotive Group Limited About The Adtrans Automotive Group Limited

About The Adtrans Automotive Group Limited

Strategic investments are always exciting, and in 2007 AP Eagers invested in Adelaide based but publicly listed Adtrans Group Limited (ASX: ADG). This gave AP Eagers entry into the South Australian car market and nationally into the Heavy Truck market, many years after the Green family had private interests in South Australia in the early days. AP Eagers agreed with GD Bignell Nominees Pty Ltd to purchase 3.6 million shares in the publicly listed entity for $14.4 million. GD Bignell Nominees was the family company of Adtrans’ Founder and Chairman, Graeme Bignell.

The purchase was settled on 1 May 2007 by the payment of $3.6 million in cash and 939,131 shares in AP EAGERS which lifted AP Eagers’ holding in Adtrans to 19.6%.

And so the Company became the major shareholder in Adtrans.

Graeme Bignell’s origins are in Melbourne, and it was there as a young man in the 1960s that he worked firstly for Preston Motors Ltd selling motor vehicles before moving into management. In August 1968 Graeme joined Bermar (Bib) Sellars Stillwell who had founded the Stillwell Automotive Group in 1950. Originally starting as General Manager, Bib had head hunted Graeme to join his group as Graeme had already established himself as one of the fastest rising talents in the Victorian automotive industry. Graeme and Bib became lifelong friends. In 1971 Graeme Bignell moved to Adelaide when he and Bib bought the Davitt Ford dealership including cars and Ford Bedford Trucks, which they renamed B S Stillwell Ford Pty Ltd and opened on 1st April 1971. Graeme Bignell, the Dealer Principal, had a 25 per cent interest, while his partner, friend and financial backer held the remainder.

Stillwell Ford quickly became a power house in the South Australian market, establishing itself as market leader and becoming a major player in the state’s new and used car business. In 1975 Graeme established a standalone Stillwell Trucks dealership in Adelaide, at Regency Park, to sell the just released Ford Louisville. They subsequently leased land at Milperra in Sydney (which they later purchased) AND STARTED ANOTHER SPECIALIST Heavy Truck dealership there in 1979. Stillwell Trucks, Sydney, became the largest retail outlet for heavy trucks in Australia.

About A.P. Eagers Limited About A.P. Eagers Limited

About A.P. Eagers Limited

A.P. Eagers Limited is a pure automotive retail group with our main operations in Queensland, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, the Newcastle/Hunter Valley region of New South Wales and Tasmania.

Our origins trace back to 1913 when Edward Eager and his son, Frederic, founded their family automotive business, E.G. Eager & Son Ltd, which continues today as a wholly-owned subsidiary of A.P. Eagers Limited.

After establishing the first motor vehicle assembly plant in Queensland in 1922, the business secured the distributorship of General Motors’ products in Queensland and northern New South Wales in 1930 and listed as a public company in 1957 under the name Eagers Holdings Limited.

A merger in 1992 with the listed A.P. Group Limited saw the addition of a number of new franchises and our name change to A.P. Eagers Limited. Further new franchises and geographic diversification have since followed.

Today we represent a diversified portfolio of automotive brands, including all 20 of the top 20 selling car brands in Australia and 10 of the top 11 selling luxury car brands. In total, we represent 33 car brands and 11 truck and bus brands.

Our core business consists of the ownership and operation of motor vehicle dealerships. We provide full facilities including the sale of new and used vehicles, service, parts and the facilitation of allied consumer finance.

Our operations are generally provided through strategically clustered dealerships, many of which are situated on properties owned by us, with the balance leased.

We own $307 million of prime real estate positioned in high profile, main road locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Newcastle.

To learn more about A.P. Eagers Limited please refer to our official website...  http://www.apeagers.com.au/apeagers-company-info/